Find out how much your house is worth, get an instant online valuation today!

Before marketing your home for sale in the UK, get an approximate value which will stand you in good stead if dealing with several property agents. Set the selling price too high and you’ll get few viewings; too low, and your home may sell in a snap, at considerably undervalue.

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How much is a property worth?

  1. Your home is worth what someone will pay for it at any moment in time. Add to that a reasonable selling time-frame, say three months advertised on Zoopla and Rightmove, and the property should find a level – it’s market value.
  2. The second method of assessing the value of your home is to look at similar homes for sale to yours. Similar means location, size, access to amenities and more.

Do different property values apply when I’m raising money using my home as security?

Banks and mortgage companies use lower values for your home when accepting it to guarantee a loan or mortgage. They do this because if they need to repossess then a quick house sale is required probably within three months so they get their money back quickly.

How can I maximise the sale price of my home when selling?

Weigh up the cost of doing jobs versus the extra value added. Sometimes it’s just a matter of doing simple jobs, tidying your garden and giving the house a spring clean; de-clutter and carry out any simple maintenance jobs and prepare your home for viewings!