What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the term used to describe the legal work of transferring the ownership of land or building to the ownership of another, in short the legal side of selling your home.

Why use our Conveyancing?

House Tree has a long standing relationship with Convey Law, a firm of property lawyers that we have approved, on the basis of price, quality and speed, we believe we can give you a first class service at an unbeatable price.

Their Conveyancing fees are highly competitive. However, please note that all fees quoted do not include disbursements. But their fees are great value for most clients and represent a fantastic saving on the normal costs found on the High Street.

Disbursement fees include TT fees, Office copy entries. Clients may be liable for the additional costs and disbursements as follows:

  • Office copy entries
  • ID verification
  • Electronic payments
  • Discharging a lender
  • Leasehold supplement
  • Postage & faxing

How can we secure such great discounts?

We have successfully managed to gain significant discounts from our property lawyers in exchange for volume, we have then asked them to reduce their fees to you to just £695. And that includes VAT.