HouseTree money back guarantee

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the term used to describe the legal work of transferring the ownership of land or building to the ownership of another, in short the legal side of selling your home.


Why use our Conveyancing?

House Tree has a comprehensive panel of property lawyers that we have approved, on the basis of price, quality and speed, we believe we can give you a first class service at an unbeatable price.

If you choose a package from one of our preferred suppliers, we will appoint one of our approved property lawyers. Their Conveyancing fees are highly competitive. All fees quoted do not including disbursements. The discounted fees are great value for most clients and represents a fantastic saving on the normal costs.

How can we secure such great discounts?

We have successfully managed to gain significant discounts from our property lawyers in exchange for volume, we have then asked them to reduce their fees to you.

No sale, No fee

All our Conveyancing partners work on a no sale, no fee, basis, this means if you or your purchaser pull out of the sale for any reason there will be no charge**, which means you should be able to carry on with another sale at no extra cost.

*Properties under £500,000 only, for properties over £500,000 please call to confirm costs. ** There may be a charge for disbursements’, these include TT fees, Office copy entries. Clients may be liable for the additional costs and disbursements as follows:


  • Office copy entries £8 typically
  • ID verification £12 + VAT each
  • Electronic payments £39 + VAT each
  • Discharging a lender £145 + VAT (if applicable)
  • Leasehold supplement £135 + VAT (if applicable)
  • Postage & Faxing £35

Purchase Quotes

Should you wish to use our services for onward buying you may be interested in our conveyancing partners fees, obviously they are happy to provide a full written quote upon request. Below is an outline estimate of the fees you can expect to pay. please note these are for guidance only and should not be relied upon.

Freehold Purchase Quotations
Value Legal Cost inc VAT Disbursements Total Stamp Duty
£150,000 £348 £558.70 £906.70 £1,500
£200,000 £348 £558.70 £906.70 £2,000
£250,000 £378 £638.70 £1016.70 £2,500
£300,000 £378 £638.70 £1016.70 £9,000
£400,000 £438 £638.70 £1076.70 £12,000
Leasehold Purchase Quotations
Value Legal Cost inc VAT Disbursements Total Stamp Duty
£150,000 £510 £558.70 £1068.70 £1,500
£200,000 £510 £558.70 £1068.70 £2,000
£250,000 £540 £638.70 £1178.70 £2,500
£300,000 £540 £638.70 £1178.70 £9,000
£400,000 £600 £638.70 £1238.70 £12,000