5 Tips to prepare your home for a successful viewing

5 Tips – Preparing Your Property For successful Viewings

From our experience as an online estate agent, it is evident that a smooth and successful house viewing has a significant effect on an eventual sale. A happy viewing can help speed up the sales process and the more potential buyers who remain interested in the property after a viewing; the more likely the vendor is to achieve the best possible price.

With this in mind, here at House Tree we have put together our top five tips for a successful house viewing:

1. Let there be light: A very common, simple and perhaps even obvious aspect to consider, maximising light costs nothing and can be very effective. Open curtains and blinds to allow natural light in, whilst subtly rearranging some light sources and furniture can really help to create a more radiant atmosphere.

2. The great outdoors: Whether you have a large manor garden or a small balcony, ensuring your outdoor space is as appealing and well-presented as possible can be greatly beneficial. As much as how you dress is often viewed as an extension of your personality, the same can be said of a garden to a property.

3. We can’t believe it’s not clutter: Although clutter can add character and an individual stamp to your home, a property inundated with clutter can be one of the biggest off-putters for prospective buyers. Often a therapeutic exercise, losing the clutter can transform your property. That being said, there is a fine line here – don’t throw everything out – not everything can be regarded as clutter or mess.
4. My house is your house: Remember, someone viewing your home will want to explore every nook and cranny – if you neglect access to certain parts of the property you will possibly arouse suspicion. Additionally, all aspects from smell to atmosphere are extremely important and are bound to be noticed by prospective buyers.

5. Take me to the kitchen: Although not everyone considers themselves the next Jamie Oliver or Delia Smith, the kitchen is a major selling point when a property is up for grabs. By making sure your kitchen is clean, appealing and well organised, prospective buyers will be able to visualise themselves using it as their own.

As competition between vendors continues to grow with a resurgent property industry, marketing your property is now more important than ever. For advice on how to sell your home please contact us on: 020 3411 9123. To see how much you could save with us compared to a traditional high street estate agent, use our savings calculator.